Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Saturday's Warrior and the Spirit

KG=Lucky Duck's Story

My husband (now, not then) was born a member. I was not raised in any religion. He was inactive when we first met. I wanted NOTHING to do with the church. I had lots of misconceptions (as do most people who don't know any better). We moved in together and had our first daughter. oops. But anyways, we got married when she was 5 months. Around that time my husband wanted to start being active again. I didn't care as long as he left me out of it. So one day, his mom sent us Saturday's Warrior. He went to work and I was curious, so I started to watch it. I was really moved and felt something. So I told my husband I was ready to take the discussions. I got baptized on New Years Eve, 2000. We then had a second child and went to the temple in 2001. I remember walking outside one day after I got baptized and feeling how great it was to be alive. I am thankful that my husband didn't push me and that I did it for myself.

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