Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Feeling of Peace at Temple Square

rkd6's Story

My family was moving from Dallas, TX to the Bay Area in CA. On the way, we stopped in Salt Lake to visit family and go see Temple Square. I was 9 and it was my first time (that I remembered) being there or at any of our temples. As we were walking through temple square, an amazing peace came over me, "filled me" (that's what it felt like), and I knew that it was all true, that Jesus and Heavenly Father were real, that the temple was their house, and that I was a member of their Church. Up until that point my faith was in my parents. I trusted them and believed they were telling me the truth; but after that experience, I knew for myself that God and Jesus Christ were real and that the LDS Church really was Christ's Church. My testimony of those truths has grown since then and expanded to other principles, but that was the beginning...when I first felt truly converted.

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